Recruitment Agencies Use Text Messaging to Boost Their Business?

The end of the year is about to come and companies are starting to plan for the next year. It’s time to set budgets, find new projects, and restructure sectors and teams. For this reason, during this period the interesting vacancies may arise for those who are seeking a job placement. Additionally, for businesses, recruiting becomes a new challenge: if it’s time to make many hires, HR needs to prepare for the big demand. So why not use SMS technology in the recruitment process of your company?

The sending of SMS or text messages on the mobile phone has been a great ally of the Human Resources’ sectors that need to carry out many recruitments at one time. It is another aspect of the competitive intelligence that comes, increasingly, differentiating the companies among themselves, giving an advantage to those more attuned to the novelties.


How Does Text Message Work in the Recruitment Process?

How Does Text Message Work in the Recruitment Process
By hiring the technology to send a text message in the recruitment process, the company offers a new option for the candidates: they can register their mobile number on the site.

From there, the system notifies the candidate, according to the vacancy profile for which he/she has registered. For example, if your company included a cashier position, all applicants who registered with the skills required to perform the job will receive an SMS informing them of the possibility of applying.


What Are The Advantages For Candidate?

Although the internet provides several sites for professional relocation, finding a job is never easy for the candidate. In the midst of so many offers, he may even get lost and sometimes get to send resume to the same vacancy more than once.

When you register your number to receive vacancies by text messages, the candidate performs only one action, which is precisely the registration. From there, it will be notified in its own cell phone. If you are interested, it is not necessary to send resume via email or even deliver it in person. Just reply to the text message, as the HR Company already has your resume registered. This process is very practical and agile.


What Kind of Benefit Does the Company Get Using Text Messaging?

in the recruitment process can be used by companies of all profiles but is quite suitable for those who have many operational positions. In general, these organisations have a strong turnover in their base. They need to always be in the process of recruiting. No use of text messaging makes the job too much difficult and time-consuming for HR professionals.

With the text message service, contact with the candidate has become faster and faster, without the need to make multiple calls or send many emails. Just publicise the vacancies and receive the messages of interest back. The SMS can also be used for hiring process feedback, informing the candidate about the next phases and about his choice or elimination of the process.

Now that you know the system, enjoy the text message solution in the recruitment process. The work of your HR industry can become rapid and more assertive, which is sure to be a competitive advantage for your business. In fact, this is just one of the tools available to improve your business, learn more about them, and use market intelligence to strategize, innovate, and deliver positive experiences.