How to design a chatbot?

Be convenient and fast

You will need to be quick, time is necessary. Be more convenient. When you ask someone a question you would expect them to answer straight away. With having a chat bot, they will have to understand the question that is being asked to be able to give an answer to it. Since chat bot are always online 24/7 they are there always replying, they will take the same time to reply as if a human was typing.

Minimize questions

Try not to use as many questions. You don’t want to go overboard with so many questions as they might want to sit there and answer them all. Keep it to the minimal amount that you will need to get the information that you need.

Predict and personalize

With your previous history chat, it can predict the future behaviour. Having a conversation with someone you will get to know them a little bit and know what they like and dislike so then you can use this information in the future.


You will need to remember the chat history because you will need to keep track of where the conversation is at. So, then you can see what you have already spoken about. With online messaging, you can keep a conversation history so everything is saved to what you have spoken about.


Always have guidance and documentation when people ask for it. If the chat bot doesn’t understand then you can always fall back to humans if you need to. Humans let people know what their expertise are and how they can help and supposedly bots should do the same but bots are restricted to narrower abilities than human.

Provide a way out

Anyone can make a simple mistake even if it is a human or a bot. you would need the bot to get into the conversation without correctly establishing the base facts. Humans don’t continue a conversation when it is clear that the other person has lost interest. This is what chat bots should do and not go on about things.