How To Submit App To The App Store

Submitting an application to an App Store is definitely a step you want to take if you want to promote your application. In case you are wondering “How to get an app on the app store? “, there is a proper way to submit the application. Regardless of whether it is a paid or free application that is being submitted for the Apple iOS App Store, a fixed format needs to be abided.


  1. The project needs to pass the guidelines on how to put an app on the App store
  2. There should be a Valid developer program account on the App Store.
  3. You need a computer that is running on Mac OS X.
  4. You need to have access to the programs a. Xcode b. Keychain Access


  1. Assembling information for the App Store
  2. Creating a Bundle Identifier.
  3. Creating a Certificate Signing Request.
  4. Creating an App Store Production Certificate
  5. Creating the Production Provisioning Profile
  6. Creating a listing for the App Store
  7. Creating the Release Build
  8. Filling up the Version Information
  9. Submitting the version for Review
  10. Deployment release


  1. Assembling information for the App Store
Requirements Notes
Screenshots Developers need to post one for every screen dimension supported. The screenshots are better if there is no transparency.
Name The application name as the Users should know it.
Description A description of the application, citing its features and functions.
Keywords Keywords separated by commas
Privacy Policy URL Provide a URL to your application’s privacy policy
App Icon An icon made in JPG or PNG format has to be provided to the app store. It has to be in 72 dpi and RGB color format. Layered images and rounded corners are not advised.
Categories A secondary category is optional
Rating A space where the target demographic rates your application after using it
Copyright The format to be followed: YYYY Company Name
Trade Representative Contact information Appears on the Korean version of the App Store only, hence optional
Demo Account “The username and password is provided for full-access account to the application.” Details for different account types are to be provided in the notes field.
  1. Creating a Bundle Identifier.
  • Log-in to Apple Developer Portal.
  • Click Identifiers and the “+” sign in the top right corner.
  • Provide the same App ID as the App na,e
  • The standard Bundle ID convention is: yourcompanyname.yourappname
  • Check the App Service app needs and click Continue.
  • Verify and submit.
  1. Creating a Certificate Signing Request
  • Open the program Keychain Access on MacOsX
  • From the top-left choose Certificate Assistant
  • Enter email address
  • Enter the Common Name.
  • Check the Saved to Disk option and continue.
  • Click save for later
  1. Creating an App Store Production Certificate

This is used to link the app to the Apple Developer’s portal.

  • Visit the Apple Developer Portal
  • Click Certificates
  • Click the ‘+’ sign at the top
  • Click App Store Production currently named “App Store and Ad Hoc”
  • Click Continue.
  • Upload the Certificate Signing Request
  • Download the Certificate
  • Install it on your computer and keep it safe
  1. Creating the Production Provisioning Profile
  • Navigate to the Developer’s Portal
  • Log in
  • Click Provisioning profiles
  • Click the “+”
  • Click App Store Distribution, click Continue
  • Select Bundle ID, click Continue
  • Select Certificate created earlier, click Continue
  • Follow the standard naming convention
  • Click Generate
  • Download
  • Install the provision profile
  • Keep it safe
  1. Creating a listing for the App Store
  • Navigate to iTunes Connect
  • Log-in
  • Click My Apps
  • Click the “+”
  • Click “New iOS App”
  • Choose the Bundle ID created on Developer Portal
  • Make the SKU match the Bundle ID
  • Click on Create
  1. Create the Release Build
  • Run XCode
  • Open the project
  • Update the Version and Build number
  • Open the Build Settings
  • Check Build Settings
  • Go to Code Signing
  • Use the provisioning profile
  • Use the code signing identity
  • Select a Generic iOS device if no device is connected.
  • Menu -> Project -> Archive
  • Click Distribute
  1. Fill up the Version Information
  • Enter the information you have assembled in the first Step.
  • Select the build number you want to associate with the version.
  • Fill in the price
  • Click Save
  • Fix any errors if any messages occur and save again.
  1. Submit the version for Review
  • Select the release type
  • Await approval
  • If the app is not approved, review the notes and make necessary changes
  1. Deployment release
  • If you have selected ‘Manual Release’, select ‘Release’ when ready.
  • Wait for the verification status

You have just learnt how to upload an app to the app store. We have listed all things that you need to have or do before you submit app to app store. We hope you find this article useful.