If you can dream it, chances are we can build it!

At vServices we meet our fair share of entrepreneurs and it’s fair to say that some come with some ambitious ideas (and budgets!).

In recent months we’ve talked to business owners with ideas ranging from creating Web applications that combine all the best elements of Facebook, Instagram, AirBNB and Booking.com into one high functioning platform,  a tech start-up that is building a really funky investment platform that facilitates literally anyone investing in property development and being able to track their return in real-time. Oh, and our personal favourite, a School that wanted to build an amazing Web application and Mobile app for their Schools Enrichment programme, encouraging their students to grow in their personal development, outside of their academic life.

All fantastic examples of how using the power of Mobile, Web, Analytics, Cloud and Digital technologies we can unlock the potential of organisations across many different verticals.

And, the great thing is that vServices can say yes to some of the most challenging projects. In fact we thrive on complexity and the reason is that we have a bunch of very talented, senior-level developers who can literally turn an idea into successful, scalable products that users love.

Working with businesses from Startup stage right through to Enterprise level, our bespoke Software solutions have helped 100’s of businesses in Technology, Education, Healthcare, Property, Financial Services and many more, to deliver engaging, successful digital products.


So, how do we do turn your idea into reality?

Before we go near any development work we spend a lot of time scoping your project, to

define the investment potential, technology stack, timeline, total cost and the ongoing maintenance required to launch and sustain your solution. Before beginning any new development we will meet with you to examine your needs and explore your project fully, covering off  issues such as  functionality requirements for both the end user and the platform administrators, required user expectations and experiences and design and on-boarding considerations.

Once we’ve agreed the scope of work, we then turn this into a wireframe process, creating you a working/clickable prototype to help you ‘experience’ the user flow and make iterations and changes to ensure when we go into the build phase of your development project, it is exactly how you want your platform to work.

If you are seeking funding for your build a working prototype is a useful tool to show any would-be investor what your platform is going to do, how it will work from both the end user and administration level and that you and your team have given considerable thought to the platforms creation prior to seeking funding.


Senior-level talent to help startups and tech companies build successful, scalable products that users love.

Our custom Web and Mobile App development team leverage new approaches and technology for a wide variety of different purposes.

Custom build projects we’ve worked on include e-commerce, education tools, booking platforms, diagnostic tools, customer relationship management systems, foreign currency exchange, crowd-funding, market place and many more.

We have experience in the use of a number of emerging technologies to bring your concept to life, on budget and on time.


Got a great idea then we’d love to hear from you

If you are a startup and have a concept that you need a development partner to bring to life or an existing business that requires help to develop your platform do get in touch. You can email us or call us on + 44 203 955 7851