Where to Go to School When Learning About Design?

There are a growing number of design programs online. However, there are many colleges and universities that also offer amazing and recognised programs. Picking the right design school can help jump start your career and provide you with skills that you need. Here are a few of the best design schools that you can go to.

School of Visual Arts

The School of Visual Arts was originally called the Cartoonists and Illustrators Schools when it was founded in 1947. Today, the school offers more than 30 programs and has over 4,300 students each year. There are over 72 credited courses that students can pick from.

Maryland Institute College of Art

This is the oldest art degree granting collage in the United States. It was founded in 1826. This college has over 1,800 students who are enrolled in more than 80 different degree programs.


Otis College of Art and Design

This college was founded in 1918 by General Harrison Gray Otis, who was the publisher and founder of the Los Angeles Times. Otis College of Art and Designs is home to around 1,100 students and has over a dozen art and design programs that range from graphic design to sculpting. There are both MFA and BFA degree programs for graphic design at this distinguished institution.

Art Centre College of Design

The Art Centre College of Design was founded in 1930. It currently has over 1,800 students. The school offers many undergraduate and graduate programs which include transportation, design and advertising design.

Minneapolis College of Art and Design

The Minneapolis College of Art and Design began in a rented apartment in Minneapolis in 1886 and was created by the Minneapolis School of Fine Arts. The school has since grown out the apartment and is now a 10-acre campus located right next to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. The Minneapolis College of Art and Design has almost 800 students that come from 29 states and 13 countries. It offers a variety of programs for those looking to become designers and artists.

Savannah College of Arts and Design

Savannah College of Arts and Design is one of the largest designs colleges in the United States with over 40,000 students. There are over more than 40 majors and over 70 minors and certificate programs. There are three campuses, which are in Savannah, Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia and Hong Kong. They also offer many of their courses online to global students.

Ringling College of Art and Design

The Ringling College of Art and Design was found by John Ringling, who was a noted art and real estate developer but was best known for being a circus baron. The school was opened in 1931 with 11 courses, but only 75 students. Today, it is located on 35 acres and has over 1,300 students. The graphic design program has existed since 1980.

There are many other designs schools that offer amazing programs. The best option for you will depend on what type of career you want to pursue and your budget.