How to make animated videos with Krita

  • First start up Krita. Go to ‘File’ on the menu buttonon the top, then select ‘New’. A dialog will come up, in the tab you will need to select ‘Custom Document’ to create a new canvas. Put it to any height and width that you will need it to be and you will need to set a ppi to it. And then press ‘Create’.

  • Maximize Krita Windows so you can see your canvas. Zoom into your empty canvas by 50% and crop the visible canvas on your screen letting a border going around it.

  • On the tool bar, you will need to click the little colour square button which is located under the background colour, step the value down to 216, then press the ‘OK’ button. Press the ‘backspace’ over you canvas, to fill the background with any colour you want.

  • Then to lock the layer that you have colour the background with, to rename it (double click on it) then rename it. Create a new empty paint layer. Then call it ‘Layer 2’

  • Select the free hand tool and then pick a default brush to what texture you want it to look like. The on the ‘advance colour selector’ and pick any colour you want and then you can adjust the size of your brush to have you want, which the button is at the top that says ‘size’

  • to activate the shortcut on the top bar is a button called which sets to horizontal mirror mode.

  • Start to draw on the canvas, with direct and simple strokes. Draw anything that you want. Press the ‘E’ key on the keyboard and it will switch your brush to erase instead of paint. Press it again and it will restore the behaviour to paint. You can also correct your stroke to get proportion you like. To delete all of the work that you have done because you’re not happy with it then press ‘Delete’ on your keyboard.

  • If you are not familiar with drawing or painting, then the shadow zone would be good. This skill is relative to your capacity to abstract the 3D into your work. To keep it simple, zone of light and zone of shadows.

  • If you would like to you can create another layer to bring in-between your blocked shadow zones and the background. Select a default brush and fill in the parts for the silhouette with a brighter colour than your sketch but a little darker than your background.

  • There is a little time frame at the bottom of the programme where you will put your different images so when it is played it looks as if the picture is moving.

    That is the beginners with using Krita to create an image. You could also play around with the programme and see what you can create.