SMS Marketing One of the Most Potent Channels in the UK

There are 80 million active mobile users in the UK. This number reveals a good scenario of opportunities for the companies to use SMS in their digital strategies. Whereas, just 50% of businesses are using SMS for marketing. SMS-based mobile marketing is expected to rise, from 37.2 million customers this year, to 48.7 million before we reach 2020.

However, there are doubts as to how to do this harmonically, generating a differential in the mobile world and drawing attention to the message sent. We separated some tips so that the SMS is used as an important channel of relationship with its consumers.

  1. Incentive:

One of the interesting things of the mobile is the omnipresence. Since it is possible to create opportunities to generate registrations at anytime and anyplace. However, when the brand is not yet well-known. It is necessary to study the user and send the SMS offer incentives that are relevant to their interest.

  1. SMS As A Service:
    SMS As A Service

SMS is a low cost solution for companies to communicate with their customers strategically, especially in comparison to traditional communication channels. Each user request can work with SMS to confirm. For example, the time, the service was requested, send the protocol number to the attendant or when the transaction was performed. In addition to collaborating with the user. This integration gives security to the customer and the brand and further strengthening consumer’s confidence.

  1. Exclusivity:

Another very suggestive way is to send amazing offers via exclusive SMS discounts on the website. For those who registered the mobile number at the time of registration. With this action it is possible to boost relevant promotions to the customer and still encourage mobile access.

  1. Custom:

The same warning field that is on the website to notify when an unavailable product arrives can be made in SMS. In this case, keep notifying your target audience when their favourite item is available.

  1. Reminders:

How about notifying the customer when the delivery will be made? For example “Your delivery will be made today”. It is a great way to show that the company is concerned and giving due attention to its consumer.

  1. Always Present:
    Always Present

SMS can also help in engaging with the consumer. If your customers have questions or dissatisfaction, ask them about “how we can help”. This type of message will be helpful.

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