Website Optimisation – Improve Your Website with these Simple Steps

Millions of customers are using search engines to look up their desired products and services. Statistics show more than 60% of these searches lead to direct sales or eventual store visits. Being able to show high up in the search engine is called Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Companies now days are specifically focusing on SEO for their survival and growth.

However, SEO is not a onetime task. You cannot just optimize your website once and then sit back and relax. Google Search Algorithm is constantly changing as the popular search engine aims to provide best search results and earn from advertising. Your SEO expert needs to track such changes and constantly optimize your website so that you stay ahead in the game! There are three popular ways of SEO; onsite website optimization, having more content and off-site website optimization.



The basic SEO happens on the website. It revolves around finding good keywords; words that searchers are most likely to enter in their searches. Including keywords in your content and specifically in homepage content helps your website to show in search results. But using too many keywords can also be damaging. In fact Google penalizes over-usage and stuffing of keywords. Ideally a content page should have 3 to 5 key words in it.

You also need to consider things other than basic content. Your title tag should also include a focused keyword and your brand name. It should be within 70 character limit.


<title>Top Digital Marketing Agency, Web Services |</title>

You also need to write a brief 150 character page description. This is called Meta description and ideally it contains the main keyword for the page. The meta descriptions helps you get more visibility in search engine.


Together this is how Title tag and meta description looks in search engine:

You might get some help with Word Press. It may provide you with additional premium plugins like Scribe SEO for valuable SEO suggestions regarding keywords in content. Free Plugins like Platinum SEO and SEO by Yoast can help you write title tags and Meta descriptions.

Experts believe that you need to create both XML and HTML versions for your website so that search engines index them easily. While HTML is a basic step, Google and Bing have advanced webmaster tools to help you submit XML versions. Submit your URL to both paid and unpaid search engines. If you choose to include AdSense scripts by Google, it will definitely help you with page indexing.


As said SEO is not a onetime task. You need to have more and more content to maintain or improve your search engine ranking. You will be able to please your visitors and search engines alike with more content. You can add variety of content like Blog Posts, Tutorials, step by step guides, Infographics, Videos, Podcasts and Industry popular articles. And do not forget the power of social media! How cool it can be when someone likes and shares your content on social media channels.



And then there is Link Building to help you with SEO. Other websites can have a link to your website. This means that not only you will have your web traffic but also traffic that is being navigated from these other websites too. So how do you build up quality links? Have you ever considered writing blog posts for popular industry blogs. You can always add a link to your website in author box along with author name. You can also try to build up partnerships with similar linked businesses. There can be a mutual understanding for promoting each others’ websites. How convenient it sounds that an automobile company includes on its website a link to car tracker service website or car insurance company website.

A popular way for Link building is to create social media profiles. They are one of the highest trending methods of reaching your target audience. An active social media account will get you more talked of. And your social media posts can always include clicks that will generate more website traffic. While essentially this may not improve the search engine ranking, it attains the same ultimate objective; more website visits.

If you are aiming at good index for Google search engine, make sure you join Google Plus. Searches while being logged on Google+ account show more personalized results based on what your friends are sharing and talking of on their respective Google+ accounts.


And finally the age old method! You can always submit your website in industry directories and yellow pages. You can always list your business name with a link back to your website. For example, a VoIP provider can get listed on authorized resellers of Cisco on their website.

We hope you will achieve desired results for your SEO campaigns with these valuable methods. But do not forget to track your results with monitoring tools like Google Analytics and Authority Labs. They can both help you with detecting appropriate keywords for your content and analysing traffic sources to your website.