vServices – What it is and What it Offers?

vServices Ltd. specializes in the field of websites, mobile apps, digital marketing, branding, and IT solutions in general, for companies of all sizes and industry segments. We focus on providing you with meaningful and immediate results. It is based in London, United Kingdom incorporated with the company house UK. We are registered at the address 18 Palm Court, Alpine Road London NW9 9BQ and operating from Office # 109, 85 Tottenham Court Road London W1T 4TQ.

Do you need help marketing your company? Do you need ideas to help with the branding? Or do you need help developing a website? If so then vServices is here to help.

vServices is an IT company that specialises in the world of technology. We offer multiple amazing services that include but not limited to Design services, Development services, Hosting services, Marketing services, Software solutions and vServers. Targeting companies of all shapes and sizes. Making you sure that you will get immediate results that are meaningful to your company and your needs.

In the article below we will talk about the inspiring services that vServices provides:


vServices offers a great service for design, including Logo Design, Branding and Video Animation.

Logo Design:
vServices offers you a service where we create tons of best logos. To deliver great results is our top priority. You discuss your concept and design to us and we craft it in a perfect manner while keeping your business model in our mind. We know that your business is unique. Your logo needs to be unique too. With the logo being the vital element of the company, we give you the chance to have the memorable logo which every business needs. Creating the visual identity of your company. Visual aspects that form part of the overall brand.

Website Design:
Websites can help boost your business. vServices makes your business look brilliantly professional. We stick to the few key points while developing and designing the website that is given below:

  • Professional and attractive Web design.
  • Intuitive and easy navigation.
  • Quality content.
  • Compliance with global standards.

The website design service is an essential part of vServices, measuring their company on the development of the sites. They have many website design specialists that specialise in different areas, this allowing them to make sure that the website is perfect.

No matter what the strategy. Our process is set to help move your brand, your audience and your mission forward. vServices offers a wide variety of branding services including, collateral design, branding guidelines documentation, internet branding, mobile app branding and social media branding. We are always ensuring that the branding in any area complies with the laws, standards and regulations.

Branding helps build your business and vServices helps you with that. Putting your company on the map and helping you achieve quicker results in a cost-effective way.

Video Animation:
vServices believes that visual animation is more powerful and attention grabbing than words are. Research shows that companies with visual animations have a better online ranking. The better the online ranking, the more chance you have of higher traffic to your business.

We work on video animations such as Explainer Video, Promotional Videos, Whiteboard Videos, Motion Graphics, Info graphics and Typo graphics. Our team of creative video makers has unmatched quality and providing you with the best possible results.

Website Builder:
Creating beautiful effects and designs based upon your business needs. Bring your ideas alive on the screen with our simple, easy to understand features. The main advantages of website building with vServices are:

  • Multiple layout options
  • Drag and Drop functionality
  • Visually view while building the website
  • Website pages customisation
  • Edit content quickly with advanced options
  • Set the title, description and keywords for the website
  • Customise the Meta tags of your site

It is easy-to-use with a drag and drop function, this means you do not need to be a technology minded person to design. We have many themes that are available for you to use which is able to fit any device (Computers, Tablets, Mobiles). We have additional resources which allows you to explore our image gallery, go to a contact page and enter the content manager, this is to simplify editing of your content.


Mobile App Development:
Able to develop apps for iOS, Android and Windows. Opens up a word of opportunities for a business. In the modern-day world, everyone is on their phones, downloading apps and sharing the best apps with their friends and family.

Social Media Apps:
Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn are ruling the world of social media. With around millions of different people using them day in day out makes it an amazing way to promote and advertise your business.


  • Drag and drop interface
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Preview in native preview app
  • Interactive Contest Apps with action and voting buttons
  • Facebook Pages, Social Media Campaigns, Event Management, Host a Timeline contest


  • Create engagement and relevant following
  • Brand awareness and Lead generation
  • Creating buzz yet expanding reach
  • Sharing thoughtful-leadership and contributing in industry discussion
  • Building associations with community

Google Plus       

  • No coding skills required
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Responsive
  • Google+ Company Pages, Social Media Campaigns, Event Management


  • Reach professional community
  • Develop interaction between friends and acquaintances
  • Raise your business popularity with the LinkedIn social media

Facebook Pages, Social Media Campaigns, Event Management


Website Hosting:
Using a cloud-hosting platform, it can also be available with unlimited web space and required monthly bandwidth. Our expert team engage with clients on the development, deployment and analysis whilst offering 24/7 support.

Email Hosting:
Just like the website hosting, we have a team that offers 24/7 support. We provide you with the features such as: Auto responder; Mail Filters; Auto-Mail Forwarding and POP3/IMAP.

Data Storage and Recovery:
At vServices Ltd., we understand the importance of the Data for all businesses and recovering yours is our top priority. Losing it could be catastrophic in some circumstances.


  • Handle your data. You will have dedicated Advisor who will guide you and keep you updated all the way through the data storage and recovery process.
  • Deal with recovery cases for all storage media, platforms or data type.
  • Please discuss with our experts how vServices can be helpful for your backup and recovery storage choices.

We offer you unlimited data recoveries, data erasure and all operating systems at cost-effective prices.

SSL and Security:
Nowadays cybercrime became common and increases at a rapid rate. This means great security is needed. Our SSL Certificates ensure that your personal information, credit card numbers and online data is secured against malicious attacks.

Domain Registration:
We allow you to enter your domain name, transfer your domain in a cost-effective way and allows you to register multiple domains using bulk addresses.


Search Engine Optimisation:
Our expert team keep an eye on your website and on your competitors. Making sure that you are always front runner, if your website is underperforming we will review your site and identify the problem.

Search Engine Marketing:
At an amazing price, this allows you to track the results. We run amazing ad campaigns along with providing need-based solutions.

Social Media Marketing:
Social media is a key to the successful business now as a huge part of the population is there. Even if you hit 5% of the audience on social media. So that would be a huge success. We are doing marketing on many platforms including: Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

Email Marketing:
Just like social media, email marketing is vital to a business and is key to promotion. Their expert team can help you get your wanted results whilst tracking them. The vServices email marketing sector can take lead of your email marketing, managing, planning, designing and writing the content to place into an email. Their email sending tool also makes it easier to simultaneously send all the emails at once.

Content Creation Services:
vServices has a brilliant team of content creators who know how to enhance your chances of success by using powerful words. We have twelve work types, these are: Annual report design, Branding, Identity and Logo design, Micro content design, Motion graphics, Data visualisation, Presentation design, Ebooks and White papers, Video direction and production, Infographics design, Visual language design, Interactive info graphics, Web design and development.

Blog Management and Creation:
A standout amongst the most significant advantages of an internet-savvy approach is to marketing your company online. We create blogs to enhance the visibility of your company. The creation of the content is based on the businesses target audience, hoping to put across an impact to customers. Develop a pleasant and engaging content with SEO techniques, through content analysis, amount of words, keywords and other data that influence the positioning of your website. Always exposing the care that your audience need. Our versatile team is always there to perform blog writing services for your company such as:

  • Creation of layout
  • Integration in WordPress
  • Creation of Content with texts and images
  • Publication of contents


SMS Marketing:
SMS stands for Short Message Service. It is one of the fastest growing methods of marketing out there. Text messaging is a perfect way to contacting and reaching out to people. With decreasing Mobile Carrier Costs, SMS Marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques. vServices wants to help your company to get leverage over the rest and this is a great way to do so.

Digital Marketing:
In the digital environment, companies have at their disposal several technologies and platforms. However, you have to understand how they talk to each other so that, in line with their goal, they can achieve the expected results. Therefore, a good strategy is essential so that your actions become efficient. Our digital marketing service is customised and created according to your business model, your target audience and your preferences. We offer great services such as Reporting and analysing, creating video clips for platforms such as Blogs and YouTube, setting up E-letters, this can help increase subscribers for email marketing and much more.

In conclusion, we are here, if you need help to promote your business, want to create inspiring designs, in search of hosting services and want to grow your business in terms of prompt user accessibility and availability in real-time by using our development services. We cross your mind in the world full of competition. Our expert team has a flair upon a wide array of services. We can help you to prosper your business. Seek to increase the standards of your brand. Build a trustworthy and lasting relationship with our valuable clients and customers. So please get connected with vServices Ltd. and make your projects incredible.